America's Favorite Callus Remover Tool

Our Pumice Stones are the #1 tool for removing calluses and rough skin from feet, heels, and ankles. Give yourself the gift of good foot health.

Painlessly removes dead skin and calluses
Softens skin & stimulates blood flow
Helps relieve foot fatigue
Eliminates foot odor

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Designed for Easy Use & Longevity

Our modern Pumice Stones provide a foot spa-like pedicure experience for anyone to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. Offering an easy, natural and healthy way to remove calluses and dead skin, our Pumice Stones keep your feet soft, smooth and supple just like a baby’s feet - without the high cost of an in-spa pedicure.

Ergonomic & Curved Design
Double Sided Pumice Stones
No-slip Grip Handle
Easily Washable
Hang Hole for Quick Drying
Trusted By Spa Professionals
Ergonomic & Curved Design

How It Works


Simply soak your feet in warm water for 2-5 minutes.


Gently rub the dead or calloused skin on your feet with the pumice stone until it’s been removed


Rinse & dry your feet to enjoy refreshed, healthy, and smooth skin.

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Before & After

The results are in! Take a look at some of the before and after photos of others who are using the same technique to remove calluses and keep their feet healthy.

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Frequently Asked Question

Do you ship from the United States?

Yes! We are a USA based business that ships directly from New York.

How quickly are orders processed?

We work hard to process all orders within 24 business house so you can begin to enjoy your in-home spa experience as soon as possible.

Is the Pumice Stone Tool easy to clean?

Yes! Simply rise the pumice stone under water after use and then hang dry it using the built-in hang hole.

When I’m soaking my feet, can I add Lavender or Jasmine essential oils to the water?

Yes - of course! While it’s not required for use, many of our customer like to add essential oils when soaking their feet.

How many times can I use the Pumice Stone Tool before I need a new one?

With proper care, our Pumice Stones can last up to 5 years with normal use.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 15-day money back guarantee. If your not 100% satisfied with our Pumice Stone tool simply contact and let us know by emailing and we will be happy to make things write.


"Double Sided - best pumice stone I've ever used. The handle makes life much easier! Easy to was and leaves my feet feeling brand new.

Jackie M.

Ashville, NC

"Awesome double sided pumice stone tool. I use it every week. Much easier to use and maintain that the one from other brands I've tried in the past."

Kerri L.

Dallas, TX

"Helped me easily remove calluses from my feet. It worked quickly. I’m happy with it."

Tracy P.

Medford, OR

"Love the design of this pumice stone tool, and it works really well too. The handle is a wonderful and makes it very easy to use!"

Megan V.

Sanford, FL

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